Visit the World Map from 15 December to Year's End and Receive Gifts From Two Special Campaigns!

From Friday, 15 December, we will be running two ‘Login' Campaigns where players can receive special gifts by visiting the World Map. Additionally, from Monday, 25 December, we will be running the ‘Gran Turismo Sport - Thank You' Campaign where players can receive a special Car Ticket by loading Gran Turismo 7.

■ 'Login' Campaigns

There will be two Login Campaigns, the ‘Holiday Season Login' Campaign and the ‘New Years Login' Campaign. Enter the World Map screen every day during the campaigns period to receive a present. The more days you log in, the bigger and better presents you can receive, with a maximum of five gifts for each campaign.

Campaign Period
- [Part 1] ‘Holiday Season Login' Campaign: from Friday, 15 December at 00:00 (UTC) to Monday, 25 December at 23:59 (UTC)
- [Part 2] ‘New Years Login' Campaign: from Tuesday, 26 December at 00:00 (UTC) to Sunday, 7 January at 23:59 (UTC)

Please note only one gift per day will be redeemable during the 'Login' Campaigns.

How to Claim
- All tickets received from the 'Login' Campaigns will be automatically delivered to the ‘Garage’ under ‘Gifts.’ Please note that tickets have an expiration date.

‘Gran Turismo Sport - Thank You' Campaign

For the second of our campaigns, coinciding with the end of online services for ‘Gran Turismo Sport’ on Wednesday, 31 January 2024, we would like to thank all the players who supported Gran Turismo Sport and us with a special Car Ticket to be used to receive one car selected at random.

Campaign Period
- from Monday, 25 December at 00:00 (UTC) to Sunday, 31 January at 23:59 (UTC)

How to Claim
- The ‘Gran Turismo Sport - Thank You' Campaign Car Ticket will be automatically sent to the ‘Garage’ under ‘Gifts’ upon loading Gran Turismo 7 during the campaign period. Please note, this Car Ticket can only be collected once.