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Get Ready to download the Red Bull X2010 to commemorate Sebastian Vettel’s historic F1 Championship

Sebastian Vettel, the youngest driver ever to become F1 champion, is poised to make history with his second F1 championship title in two years. Should he take home the crown yet again, Polyphony Digital will commemorate the historic event by offering the Red Bull X2010 fantasy vehicle for a limited time to anyone who logs into in Gran Turismo 5. This coveted vehicle is the ultimate prize for mastering all of the challenges Gran Turismo 5 has to offer, and now everyone can experience its pure speed thanks to this special opportunity.

One of the stars of the Red Bull racing team, Vettel currently has a commanding lead in the F1 Drivers Championship. With only five races left in the 2011 season, Vettel currently has a 124-point lead over McLaren driver Jenson Button. Having already earned 309 points so far this season, Vettel needs to score only one point, by finishing 10th place or better, in one of the remaining five races to go home with the title.

The next race on the F1 calendar is the Japan Grand Prix, scheduled to take place on October 9. Should Vettel clinch the F1 championship for the second time, look for the official announcement on and in the News section in Gran Turismo 5 to find out when this special limited time offer will start.

About the Red Bull X2010:

The Red Bull X2010 racecar is the ultimate driving machine. A fantasy vehicle found exclusively in Gran Turismo 5, the X2010 was created as a joint project between Red Bull Racing and Gran Turismo makers Polyphony Digital. It was designed with only one purpose in mind: to go fast as possible, free of any and all racing regulations. Initial plans for the X2010 called for it to be a conventional single-seat race-car with covered wheels. But Adrian Newey, genius chief technical officer of Red Bull Racing and partner in the X2010 project, suggested a radical element be added to improve the car’s downforce: fan technology.

The X2010 isn’t the first racecar to adopt fan technology. It has been tried before in the Chaparral 2J and Brabham BT46B, but both these racecars were ultimately banned from professional racing because they were deemed to make the vehicle too fast. The X2010 incorporates this forbidden technology flawlessly, as the car’s front and rear wings were designed to maximize the fan’s effectiveness. All of this results in a car that is capable of going more than 450 km/h, and that pulls 8.75gs of lateral acceleration through corners…the very limits of what the human body can handle.

Conceived by Polyphony Digital and perfected by Adrian Newey, the X2010 is indeed the ultimate racecar. And the only way to experience it is in Gran Turismo 5.