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Gran Turismo®5

Mercedes Benz holding a special event with ‘Gran Turismo’

Mercedes Benz is holding the ‘Mercedes Benz Driving Event’ together with the winner of 13 Grands Prix, David Coulthard,

At 12:20 (CST) on the 5th of September 2011, Coulthard will complete an actual time trial in an SLS AMG on the actual British circuit. At the same time, a PlayStation® Network event using the same vehicle, course and regulations will begin.

Coulthard’s time trial will be streamed on the official British Mercedes Benz homepage ( Make sure you check it out.

For owners of ‘Gran Turismo 5’, get ready to challenge Coulthard on the simultaneous time trial online event.

This time trial will continue to be available until 09:00 (CST) September 27th.This is an event that transcends the boundaries between Britain and Asia, entertainment and reality.

‘Mercedes Benz Driving Event’ regulations announcement

Here are the regulations set for the ‘Mercedes Benz Driving Event’, starting 12:20 (CST) on the 5th of September 2011

・Car type: Mercedes Benz SLS AMG ‘10
・Course: Top Gear test track
・Tyres: Comfort Soft