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GT6 Update Info

Known Issue Regarding the Transmission Changes After Update 1.17

After installing the 1.17 update for Gran Turismo 6, we have confirmed that the following issue occurs when adjusting the [Fully Customizable Transmission]:

1. From the Quick Menu before a race or from the [Garage], select [Car Settings] and [Transmission].

2. When using the [Fully Customizable Dog-Clutch Transmission], change the [Final Gear] value from the initial value.

3. After exiting [Car Settings] and starting a race, the values set in the [Fully Customizable Dog-Clutch Transmission] will reset to the initial default value.

This issue does not occur if gear values other than the [Final Gear] are also changed.

We are currently working to fix this problem and will notify everyone when we have resolved this issue in an upcoming update.

We deeply apologize for this inconvenience.