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GT Academy

GT Academy 2014 Starts

From April 21, 2014, the GT Academy 2014 online events have started within the PlayStation®3 exclusive title, Gran Turismo 6.

The GT Academy 2014 will feature a new round of challenges opening every 2 weeks, for a total of 4 rounds. Until the end of all events on June 16, you can join in and try the challenges at any time.

For regions of Europe and North America where GT Academy 2014 is hosted, the selection for the online qualification is performed through the final round of these events. Although users living outside the applicable regions for the GT Academy will not be subject to the selection process, you can still challenge and experience all events of the GT Academy 2014.

A special homepage describing the applicable regions and schedules for the GT Academy 2014 has been prepared. Please follow the related links below for more information.

* The screenshots are from the English version under development