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Names of "Star Players" on Leaderboards Diplays

The names of Star Players (full name, short name, and abbreviation) as entered in the "Star Player Registration Form" for Stage 2 may be displayed in the Sport mode and Time Trials leaderboards on, in addition to their account for PlayStation™Network.

The details are as follows:

■ Players who are eligible to have their real names displayed in the leaderboards

・Players who were eligible and registered for Star Player status for Stage 1 of the 2020 Series, and have given consent to use their real names on the "Star Player Registration Form."

■ Where the real names and account for PlayStation™Network will appear

・Various Sport mode and Time Trials leaderboards. (The display of real names and account for PlayStation™Network will begin sometime soon.)

Please note that the leaderboards displayed in Gran Turismo Sport will continue to show only the account for PlayStation™Network, and real names will not appear in-game.

We hope you continue to enjoy Gran Turismo Sport!

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