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Additional Changes to Sport Mode Coming January 17

The Online Races specifications in Sport Mode have been reviewed, with the following changes to be implemented on January 17:

1. Regional Matchmaking for "Daily Races" will once again be separated into three regions.

Matchmaking for the "Daily Races" was separated into five different regions in a recent update, but will now return to three regions as it was previously (Europe/Middle East/Africa, Americas, and Asia/Oceania).

Please take note that the matchmaking for the "FIA Gran Turismo Championship" will still be divided into five regions.

This change will go into effect on Thursday, January 17.

2. Points earned on the last race entered in the same round will now count toward your Championships rankings.

Until now, the points earned on your best race result in each round were counted toward the players Championships rankings. With this update, only the points earned in your last race will go towards the rankings.

This change will go into effect on Wednesday, January 30.

Thank you for your continued support, and we hope you keep enjoying Gran Turismo Sport!

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