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What is the Nations Cup?

In the 'Gran Turismo Sport' Nations Cup matches players can become the representative for their home country and fight for the championship title. The nationality of the car type can be freely chosen. Try and lead your country to victory!

See below for an outline on how the races will take shape in the 'FIA Gran Turismo Championship Pre-Season Test'.

Qualifying Round

10 minute time trial qualifiers will be held before the Nations Cup begins. The 3 top players in this round from each region; Europe, Asia and the Americas will proceed to the 9 person semi-finals. The remaining players in 10th to 32th place will proceed to the 23 person consolation round.

Consolation Round

• The top 7 players from this round have the chance to proceed back into the semi-finals


• The semi-finals will take place with the top 9 players from the qualifiers and 7 winning players from the consolation round.
• The top 8 players from this round will advance to the finals.


• The finals will take place with the top 8 players from the semi-finals.
• This round will ultimately determine which country will come out on top of the first ever 'Grand Turismo Sport' Nations Cup.

The live stream for this event will be starting from 18:30 BST on the 19th of May. Make sure not to miss it!

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