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What is the Manufacturer Fan Cup?

In the 'Gran Turismo Sport' Manufacturer Fan Cup, players can select a manufacturer of their choice and take place in the highly contested championships with their cars.

In the same way as with the Nations Cup, the B.o.P (Balance of Performance) of each car has been rigorously tested in order to eliminate any advantage or disadvantages there are from the car's drive type or vehicle class.

See below for an outline on how the races will take shape in the 'FIA Gran Turismo Championship Pre-Season Test'.


・This will be a team match with 2 players in each team, the drivers will be required to switch to their other team mate during the race.
・The starting grid will be decided using the results from the time trials which take place beforehand.
・While there is a requirement for the drivers to end the race after either their 2nd or 3rd switch, the choice between which option to take is left up for the team to decide.

Make sure not to miss the important moment when the winning manufacturer of the 'Gran Turismo Sport' Manufacturers Fan Cup is decided for the first time!

The live stream for this event will start from 18:30 BST on the 19th of May.

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