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Overcoming Strong Opposition, Kawakana222 Dominates Season 1!
2018 Season 1: Manufacturers Series

The final Round of Season 1, determining the Manufacturer Series Champion for the Asia/Oceania Region, took place in a 15 lap race on the Interlagos Circuit. With #1 s-shohei_ (Honda) immediately in the lead starting from a pole position, the tail-to-nose battle of cars began.

On lap 5 in the braking into turn 1, #2 Kawakana222 (Lexus) took the lead with a clean overtake on the inside of s-shohei_.

Meanwhile, #8 Nik_Makozi (Mercedes-Benz), who during the Test Season has been seen in many close battles among the top players, gradually raised ranks. When #1 s-shohei_ in 2nd slightly lost balance, he didn’t miss the opportunity to slip into the inside and take 2nd place.

The top group led by #2 Kawakana222 all entered the pits on lap 8. kazunoklota (Mazda), who up until this point was saving fuel, was able to raise his position to 2nd place thanks to a very short refuel pit stop, but was not fast enough to overtake #2 Kawakana222, who continued to race at a consistent pace.

While not starting from pole position, Kawakana222 dominated the race with some rock solid performance after taking the lead on lap 5, and brought the Season 1 victory to Lexus.

Kawakana222 had come very close to the title victory in the Test Season, but in the end it was swept out from underneath him. However, he brushed up his skills, technique and strategies during every weekend final Rounds to the point where he could win the Sport Mode series.

Meanwhile calsonic1223 (Nissan), another top player who brought the Nations Cup victory to Japan in the 2016 FIA Gran Turismo Championship Pre-Season Test hosted in London, could not even keep up with Akagi_1942mi (Nissan), and sank to 27th place in the general ranking. It will be interesting to see whether he can make a big comeback in the upcoming Seasons.

1 Lexus Kawakana222 A+ S 2260 2514 2722 2577 5299
2 Nissan Akagi_1942mi A+ S 2713 2489 2269 1667 5202
3 BMW JUN-_-JEEEEN A+ S 2706 2218 2435 2122 5141
4 Ferrari yukiku A+ S 1055 2810 2292 1970 5102
5 Citroën W-4MtcA A+ S 1566 2662 2411 - 5073
6 Honda s-shohei_ A+ S 2411 2636 1985 2425 5061
7 Lexus fujio4jd A+ S 301 2442 2205 2574 5016
8 Ferrari Ayrton__SENNA__ A+ S 2716 2050 - 2245 4961
9 Dodge ayumu5617 A+ S 2118 2297 2646 1033 4943
10 Ford you143298 A+ S 2573 1763 1176 2362 4935

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