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Latest Information on Gran Turismo 5 from Gamescom 2010 (2/6)

2. GT LIFE and its "Charms"
An Assortment of Charms to Decorate Your Car Life

We’ve already explained that in "GT LIFE", you can enjoy Gran Turismo 5 in both the A spec and B spec modes.

Whether you are a driver or a race team director, there’s a whole load here to help you though GT LIFE. Here is just a small part of what you can expect:

Collecting and Storing Your Cars
The foundation for a great car life is of course the garage. It has been designed so that you can easily organize and view over 1000 cars included in the game.

The garage will also be used in various modes other than "GT LIFE", as a common tool throughout the various modes of the game.
Garage list view
Garage detailed view
Purchasing Cars and Parts
Car Dealer
You can buy new cars with the rewards you collect from races. You can also use this place just to enjoy viewing the ultra detailed cars.
Used Car Dealer
Used cars are priced more reasonably than brand new cars. The lineup will change depending on when you visit, so keep coming back to discover rare finds.
GT Auto (Tuning Shop)
Tyres, suspension kits, body, chassis, exhaust system, and engine parts. You can tune your car with a wide variety of components.
Learning to Drive / Practicing
By clearing the many mini-events, you can learn everything from basic driving skills to advanced racing techniques.
You can take free practice runs alone on the track. Great for learning difficult tracks and setting up your car.

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