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Gran Turismo Designs Artwork for Dunlop Demo Car

Gran Turismo has designed the artwork for the demonstration cars of Dunlop, which showcases their sport radial DIREZZA line of tires.

The machines prepared as the Demo cars were the Lancer Evolution X tuned by Blitz, and the Honda Civic Type R tuned by Tracy Sports. The Gran Turismo design team laid out the Yellow and Black Dunlop colors to emphasize the low and wide style of the machines, giving full focus to the high performance of DIREZZA tires. Combined with gradations, there is the extra touch of fine detail. While both have a common tone, the individuality of each machine is emphasized by things like the chrome processing on the front mask.

The two machines will be on display at the Tokyo Auto Salon 2008 being held January 11th(Fri), to 13th(Sun), and at the Osaka Auto Messe 2008, being held February 9(Sat), to 11th(Mon/holiday). In addition, they will also be in the DIREZZA CHALLENGE time trial contest held for DIREZZA users at 6 circuits, and will aim to overcome the Lancer Evo X and FD type R (Radial class) record holders.