Update Details (1.32)

A new update for Gran Turismo 7 has been released. The following is a list of the main features and adjustments introduced.

Main Features Implemented

1. Cars
 - The following four new cars have been added:
  ・Jaguar XJ220 '92 (Purchasable at 'Legend Cars' from 27 April)
  ・Mercedes-AMG GT3 '20
  ・Dallara SF23 Super Formula / Honda '23
  ・Dallara SF23 Super Formula / Toyota '23

2. World Circuits
 - The following new events have been added to 'World Circuits':
  ・Watkins Glen International
   - Super Formula
  ・Circuit de Sainte-Croix
   - Super Formula
  ・Fuji International Speedway
   - Super Formula
   - Hypercar Parade

3. Scapes
 - The 'North Yorkshire' and 'Miyazaki' locations have been added as featured Curations in Scapes.

4. Café
 - The following Menu Book has been added:
  ・Menu Book No. 47: 'Super Formula' (Collector Level 31 and above)

 - The following two Extra Menus have been added:
  ・Extra Menu No. 20: 'Collection: Shelby' (Collector Level 41 and above);
  ・Extra Menu No. 21: 'Collection: Alpine' (Collector Level 35 and above);

 - Added new sets of conversations with the Car Designers and Characters appearing in the Café. These new conversations can be accessed by changing to the following cars in 'Garage' and speaking with the Characters in the Café:

   - Chris
    ・Jaguar XJ220 '92

   - Jeremy
    ・Mercedes-AMG GT3 '20
    ・Dallara SF23 Super Formula / Toyota '23

   - Stella
    ・Dallara SF23 Super Formula / Honda '23

5. Brand Central
 - New Museum entries for 'Super Formula' and 'Brembo' sections have been added.

6. Multiplayer
 - Auto-start function added to races in Lobby.

Other Improvements and Adjustments

1. Physics Simulation Model
 - Fixed an issue wherein using a steering controller the wheel would turn by itself when travelling under 5km/h.

2. Sound
 - Adjusted the engine sound of the following car:
  ・Audi RS 5 Turbo DTM '19

3. Cars
 - Adjusted the wheel items available for the following car:
  ・Toyota Alphard Executive Lounge '18

4. Tracks
 - The following objects have been updated on Fuji International Speedway:
  ・Fuji Speedway Hotel
  ・ROOKIE Racing garage
  ・Billboards and other items

5. Multiplayer
 - Lobby
  ・Added the 'Settings' button to the Quick Menu during Qualifying.

6. Sport
 - The screen displayed after quitting an event has been changed for each type of event in Sport mode:
  ・Daily Races
    After finishing a Qualifying Time Trial > Entry screen
    After finishing a Daily Race > Daily Race selection screen
    After viewing a replay on the Qualifying Time Trial rankings board > Rankings board

    After finishing a Free Practice > Entry screen
    After finishing a race > Championship top screen
    After viewing a replay on the Free Practice rankings board > Rankings board

  ・Online Time Trials
    After finishing a Time Trial > Entry screen
    After viewing a replay on the Online Time Trial rankings board > Rankings board

7. Trophies
 - The following cars have been added to the requirements for the 'Formula First Timer' trophy:
  ・Honda RA272 '65
  ・McLaren MP4/4 '88
  ・Dallara SF23 Super Formula / Toyota '23
  ・Dallara SF23 Super Formula / Honda '23

8. Localisation
 - Fixed various text localisation issues.

9. Others
 - Various other issues have been addressed.

Thank you for your continued support and please continue to enjoy Gran Turismo 7!