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Gran Turismo®5 Prologue

Update Notice

A free online update of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue will be performed beginning in the afternoon of Friday, August 1st.

The main contents of this update are as follows:

Improvement in Download Speed
- Improvements in download speeds for online updates and content

Gran Turismo TV
- Start of PPV (Pay Per View) service
- It is now possible to fast forward, rewind, or move between chapters when viewing video content.
- It is possible now to have up to 8 simultaneous background downloads running at the same time.
- Individual downloads can now be paused or resumed.

Distribution of Expansion Data
- Instant distribution feature of My Page backgrounds added

- Improvements in penalty judgments
- Improved physics during collisions between cars in Online races.

Time Trial
- The tire selection in Arcade time trials changed from S2 fixed, to N1-S2

- It is now possible to display top lap times in all courses in a list.
- Improvements in the user interface

Common Vehicle Physics
- Improved controllability when using S1-S3, and R1-R3 tires.
- Changed calculation rules for performance points.

- Added [Standard Definition (SD) Display Size] in [Display Settings]
- Moved the [Temperature] unit setting from [Network] to [Units]
- Added Expansion Data settings and Advanced Download Option settings in [Network]

- 6 BGM tracks added

Online race network specifications changed
- Added port 5658 to the ports used in Online races.

- Players matched in Online races now added to the [Friends] → [Players Met] menu within PLAYSTATION®3.
- The time and score from replays of time trials, drift trials, and distributed demo replays are now displayed after their replay. For distributed demo’s, the Online ID is also displayed here.
- Manual updated