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Gran Turismo®6

Toyota FT-1 Concept Coupé Fuji Speedway GT Seasonal Event

In celebration of the Toyota FT-1 Concept Coupé making an appearance at the New York Auto Show in April, we have created a unique Seasonal Event with the concept coupé on the Fuji Speedway GT circuit.

The event will starts on 07 April and will end on 01 May. If you receive a bronze award or better in the FT-1 challenge at Fuji Speedway GT, you will receive the car for free.

In addition to the unique Seasonal Event, Toyota US and PlayStation will be on the lookout for your personal FT-1 Concept Coupé images captured from the Photo Travel mode of Gran Turismo 6. Simply post and share your Toyota FT-1 Concept Coupé images with the hashtag #CaptureGT6 and the best photos will be featured in the US based PlayStation and Toyota’s social channels.

Lastly, at the end of the competition the official US PlayStation YouTube channel will be featuring the Replay video of the #1 lap time from the Fuji Speedway GT Seasonal Event, sharing your victory lap with more than 2.3 Million viewers.

See you on the the track!

(*To learn more about exporting photos to your PS3™ XMB and then to an external device, please refers to the Related Links at the bottom of the page.)