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Application Terms

These are terms for working within Japan. For job positions outside of Japan, terms will be separately arranged according to the location.

Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc. and the affiliated Japanese companies are will evaluate the employment of part time, new graduates and experienced persons who submit an Entry Sheet and fulfill the separate application prerequisites set by our company.
To apply, you must agree with these the terms outlined below.

Article 1Entry Sheet
The Entry Sheet refers to the Entry Sheet or resume submitted from Applicants based on recruitment information provided by our company, application sites on the Internet and other recruitment activities through other mediums.
Article 2Responsibility
of the Applicant
  1. The Applicant shall apply for the job offering through the method indicated by our company.
  2. The Entry Sheet shall be completed and submitted by the will of the Applicant themselves.
  3. Responsibility for the truthfulness of the information entered in the Entry Sheet (Application information hereafter) lies upon the Applicant.
  4. Information for the Entry sheet includes required fields and optional fields. All required fields must be filled in order to apply for the job offering. Optional fields may be entered by the discretion of the Applicant. Please make sure all entered information is correct.
  5. The Applicant may not alter the Entry Sheet.
Article 3Usage of the
submitted application
  1. We shall use the personal information of the Applicant to: Contact the Applicant (to communicate the dates for interviews, results, etc.), as reference to determine whether the Applicant matches the requirement of the job offer, as statistical information for further hiring activity, and for base information for employee management after employment.
  2. We will preserve the application information under reasonable management for a period deemed necessary by our judgement.
  3. In cases other than those listed below, the application information will not be disclosed to a third party (This excludes statistical information that will not individually identify the Applicant).
    a. In the case that the Applicant agrees to its disclosure in advance
    b. In the case that a legal entity or governmental entity requires its disclosure by legal requirement.
    c. When it is necessary to disclose the information for a required subcontractor
  4. The Entry Sheet and any portfolios/work submitted in relation to the application will not be returned. The Applicant must also acknowledge that unannounced products, plans, designs, and ideas (‘products’ below) that has been independently developed, produced or evaluated by our company may accidently coincide with any works of the Applicant. Please note that even if a product by our company is similar in part or in whole with your works, we shall not take any responsibility or pay any reparations as a result.
Article 4Sending of
through the Internet
The communication for sending the Entry Sheet in our application site utilizes SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption for the data transaction (Excluding when the Applicant selects non-SSL encrypted transmission), however this does not mean that we guarantee the safety of SSL technology. In any and all cases the responsibility for the sending of the Entry Sheet falls upon the Applicant themselves.
Article 5Exclusion of liability

Excluding conditions in which our responsibility outlined by these terms have been violated, we shall not take any responsibility regarding the entry and submission of the Entry Sheet.

Article 6Alteration to
these terms
We reserve the right to change the content of these terms without the consent of the Applicants, by notifying the Applicants by methods we deem appropriate. For the latest information, please check our application website or speak to our human resources contact.
The application form that will appear after pressing the "I agree" button below is only compatible with Windows or Mac PC's, and have not been checked for proper operation on smartphones or tablets. Please make sure to proceed only with a Windows or Mac PC.