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The First Official “Gran Turismo Sport” Steering Controller

The Thrustmaster T300RS GT Edition, officially licensed by Gran Tursimo, is the next big thing in driving-game controllers. The virtual steering wheel—created for Gran Turismo Sport, the driving game exclusive to PlayStation®4—features cutting-edge technology that includes an industrial brushless motor with full Force Feedback and 1080-degrees of rotation. It’s also compatible with PlayStation®3 and PCs.

The Long Awaited Three-Pedal Set

The most noteworthy thing about the Thrustmaster T300RS GT Edition is the implementation of three metallic foot pedals—the accelerator, brake and clutch—that were the most requested items by customers of the previous Thrustmaster T300RS. The accelerator and clutch pedal can be adjusted for height and spacing, while the brake pedal features progressive resistance and comes with a Conical Rubber Brake Mod.

Hard Core Specs That Only Thrustmaster Can Deliver

Evolving from the Thrustmaster T300RS, the T300RS GT Edition combines an industrial brushless force feedback motor with a newly designed 1080-degree dual-belt system to provide real-life feel and unparalleled smoothness. It’s also quieter than its predecessor. The new steering wheel is solid and stable, weighing a hearty 1.2 kg, and possesses an adjustable rotation range from 270 to 1080 degrees. It also effectively communicates feedback of road surfaces and various vehicle dynamics during gameplay. (*Gran Turismo 6 supports a rotation range up to 900 degrees, but does not support 1080 degrees).

The steering wheel’s precise nature is the result of Thrustmaster’s exclusive H.E.A.R.T HallEffect AccuRate Technology®, which includes a contactless magnetic sensor that provides 16-bit resolution for 65,536 values on the wheel’s steering travel. You can also perform firmware upgrades through a PC, leaving room for additional improvements in the future.


Compatible on PS4™, PS3™ & PC with detachable Thrustmaster wheels** (599XX EVO 30 Wheel Add-On Alcantara Edition, TM Leather 28 GT Wheel Add-On, Ferrari F1 Wheel Add-On, Ferrari GTE Wheel Add-On, etc.). Compatible on PS4™, PS3™ & PC with Thrustmaster 3-pedal pedal set T3PA-PRO**. Compatible on PS4™, PS3™ & PC with the TH8A shifter** (TH8A – Thrustmaster TH8 Add-on).
** Sold separately

The Thrustmaster Quick Release system allows you to switch from one wheel to another in just a few seconds. This innovative feature gives wheel base owners the option of purchasing other detachable Thrustmaster wheels separately to use with their existing base. Enjoy optimal realism in all types of races!

A High-End Model to Arrive in 2017

In addition to the T300RS GT Edition, there will also be a special E-Sport version that will be more upscale than even the T500RS. This wheel will go on sale in conjunction with the release of Gran Turismo Sport in 2017.