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Latest Gran Turismo 5 Features Revealed at Gamescom 2010

Read about the brand new features announced for Gran Turismo 5 at Europe's largest game show, Gamescom, held in Köln, Germany, on August 18.

Choose Your Path: Be a Driver or Racing Team Director

The main career mode from previous Gran Turismo games has undergone a major overhaul. In Gran Turismo 5, it is called "GT LIFE" and features a wealth of substantial updates and improvements.

The basic flow of completing license tests, participating in races to win and collect rewards, and purchasing more expensive and faster cars with the goal of completing all of the race events remains unchanged. But GT Life gives you two choices, or paths, for tackling your career.

Become a Pro Race Driver in A-Spec

In A-Spec mode, you take control of your destiny as you become a pro driver moving up the ranks. Hone your driving skills and take on a wealth of racing events and challenges.

Test your racing skills in a variety of races.
Experience the thrill of racing from behind the wheel in more than 200 cars with fully recreated interiors.
You can also choose a third person view of you car in A-Spec mode.
Become a Racing Team Director in B-Spec

In B-Spec mode, you become the director of a racing team. You will not be driving yourself, but instead you will train an AI (Artificial Intelligence) driver, nurturing his skills and pushing him to the limits. Aiming for victory by giving directions during races, just like a real team director.

B-Spec mode first appeared in Gran Turismo 4, and Gran Turismo 5 takes it to the next level in what you could call a "Racing RPG."

The AI drivers you develop in B-Spec mode have an ability gauge, condition status, and personality type. These factors will change as they compete in races under your guidance. Depending on the condition of the driver, they may not always listen to your directions as the team director. It's your job to train and develop your driver to perform and win races.

This is the main view in B-Spec mode, where you can monitor the race, car conditions, damage, and tire wear.
The full screen view lets you focus on a live feed from the race.
The Live Time View shows the best laptimes and times for each sector of the track set by the drivers in B-Spec mode.
Two Ways To Play, Two Ways to Win

The progression of races and careers are mostly the same in both A-Spec and B-Spec, and both feature the same ending. Choose one way to play, or master and complete both modes to experience life as a driver from both behind the wheel and as a team director.