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Latest Gran Turismo 5 Features Revealed at Gamescom 2010 (2/6)

2. GT LIFE Home Screen
So Many Things to Do and See

Whether you choose to test your skills as a race car driver in A-Spec mode, or train and develop drivers as a race team manager in B-Spec mode, or even both, the GT LIFE screen is home to a variety of places to visit and enjoy. Here is a small part of what you can expect:

Collecting and Enjoying Your Cars
Your garage stores your entire car collection, and has been designed to make it easy to organize and view the 1,000+ cars in the game. Of course you'll have to work hard to win races and earn enough credits to unlock them all.

You can access your garage through the GT Life home screen, and it also makes an appearance in other places in the game as a car collection management tool.
Garage list view
Garage detailed view
Buying and Upgrading
Car Dealer
Visit the car dealer to purchase new cars with credits earned from racing, or to just browse and window shop for the ultimate dream car or performance machine from the 1,000+ cars in the game.
Used Car Dealer
Save some credits by buying used. The lineup changes depending on when you visit, so keep coming back to discover rare finds.
Tuning Shop
Upgrade and tune your car with a wide variety of performance parts, including tires, suspension kits, body, chassis, exhaust systems, and engine parts.
Mastering Driving Techniques
Complete a variety of mini-events to learn everything from basic driving skills to advanced racing techniques.
Take your favorite or newest car for a spin on the track for some solo practice time. Great for learning difficult tracks, mastering cornering techniques, and setting up your car for optimum performance.

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