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Live Developer Chat, Today at 4PM

At 4PM PST today, Gran Turismo US Producer Taku Imasaki, along with Associate Producer Chris Hinojosa-Miranda, will be conducting a special live chat in the PlayStation forums to answer questions about Gran Turismo 5 Prologue on the eve of its release on store shelves.

The live chat is open to all PlayStation Underground members, requiring forum registration and a forum handle to watch and participate in the live chat. Visit the PlayStation forums for more information, and tune in at 4PM PST to participate and find out the latest about the genre-defining game.

Taku Imasaki is the US-based producer for the Gran Turismo series, and has been with SCEA for over 10 years. He has also worked on other SCE franchises such as Hot Shots Golf, Formula One, Downhill Domination, plus a handful of other Japanese titles. Being the typical SoCal car enthusiast but now also a dad, he's recently been facing the dilemma of having to put a childseat into all the cool cars he gets to drive.

Christian Hinojosa-Miranda, besides having a really long last name, is also the US-based Associate Producer on the Gran Turismo series. Around the office, he's just Chris or Chris HM, and during his year-plus tenure at SCEA, he's also worked on various SCE franchises such as Hot Shots, Parappa the Rapper, and the new hit Patapon. In his free time, Chris spends his days driving above the speed limit, eating frozen yogurt and listening to good music (and not in that order).