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Announcing the “Thrustmaster T-GT”, the High End Steering Controller Officially Compatible with Gran Turismo Sport

The coming of a high end steering controller had been foretold some time ago, and it was officially announced at E3 in Los Angeles. The name of the new wheel is “T-GT”. This is a high end steering controller that is a product of four years of co-development between Thrustmaster and Gran Turismo.

The focus of Gran Turismo for the development of the “T-GT” was not just to provide feedback power, but to secure the linearity of the output torque, its precision, and consistency. The steering wheel utilizes a T-40VE brushless motor that produces accurate force feedback torque consistently even during a long race. The wheel is wrapped in genuine leather and features 4 rotary selector dials and two customizable mini-sticks. In addition to the standard force feedback feature, the T-DFB (Depth Feedback) system conveys fine information in the range of 30Hz to 100Hz to the steering wheel, to provide driver information that cannot be expressed alone through a motorized force feedback system. This is an exclusive feature that creates a rich driving feel in Gran Turismo Sport.

The suggested retail price for the “Thrustmaster T-GT” in US / Europe / UK is $799.99 / €799.99 / £699.99. There will be more detailed information to come regarding the Thrustmaster T-GT.