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The Aston Martin B3S Sports Wins the Gran Turismo Trophy

On Sunday 18 August, Pebble Beach in the U.S. has seen the happening of the 63rd "Pebble Beach Concourse d'Elegance" where Gran Turismo series Producer Kazunori Yamauchi assigned the "Gran Turismo Trophy" to the 1953 Aston Martin DB3S Sports (chassis number 1).

Since the birth of the brand by the minds of Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford, Aston Martin has always lived side by side with the motorsports scene throughout its history. Under the management of businessman and huge car lover David Brown (1947-1972), the brand has experienced the peak of its fame.

The DB3S Sports is one example of the David Brown era: the model is based off the first Aston Martin built specifically for racing, the DB3, but its styling was renewed with a more elegant and classy exterior body. In addition to the wheel base being shortened, the car was made lighter, with a different mechanism for the final gear making it more suitable for a racing car. The engine used was the iconic DB-series model, the W.O. Bentley 2.9 litre inline 6, producing 225hp.

The car awarded this year is a car that is somewhat a prototype of the DB3S. However, the car itself has a great history in actual racing, with several wins obtained at its home ground of Charterhall, at the British Empire Trophy and also at Silverstone. Regarding the British Empire Trophy held on the Isle of Mann, there is a famous story that tells of driver Reg Parnell driving from Le Mans to Liverpool, and straight into the race, snapping up the victory! The current owner acquired this vehicle in 1975, and the car has been kept in its original conditions ever since.

The 1950's was an era where sportscars and racing cars were one and the same. The DB3S that was born in these times is full of originality and beauty that modern cars can only hope to attain. We hope you'll take the time to view the photos and get a glimpse of its classic charm.

The "Best of Show" award at this year's "Pebble Beach Concourse d'Elegance" went to the 1934 Packard 1108 Twelve Dietrich Convertible Victoria.