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Gran Turismo 6 Features Mario Andretti's First Love

Every driver starts somewhere. Every driver starts with their first car - their First Love

All great racers started their journey to greatness with their first car. The car that made them realize their dream of becoming a professional race car driver. You ask any driver or car enthusiasts about their First Love, and I'm sure they can remember the smallest detail, down to the long hours spent tuning the car up before a drive, or the thousands of hard earned dollars used in making it just a bit (or a lot) faster than what the factory was able to deliver. I'm sure each of you have your own story of a First Love and we want to hear about it.

For the legendary Mario Andretti, this is no different. He began his love and passion for racing with the purchase of a beat up 1948 Hudson shell, in which he and a group of friends hand built, piece by piece, until it was ready to race 2 years later. The result of the project was ultimately the beginning of Mario Andretti's legendary racing career though Indy, Daytona, and Formula 1.

To tell this story, we created a dedicated site experience for you to join others around the world to share your own first car memories, interact with special guests and other fans, and learn more about Mario Andretti’s legacy. The story will be unveiled in 3 chapters, each specifically concentrating on telling Andretti's story, and how a beat up Hudson was the catalyst for his entire racing career. Additionally,follow the team from Polyphony as they rebuild the legendary Hudson and feature it as a playable experience in Gran Turismo 6.

Be sure to take part in the Live rebuild experience where you get to share your first love stories!

Tune in to catch the three-part First Love documentary:

· Chapter 1 - The Mario Andretti Story (Available Now)
· Chapter 2 - Live Rebuild of the Hudson (Dec 2 -7 @ 12pm - 8pm EST)
· Chapter 3 - Hudson Reunion with Andretti (Dec 16 @ 12am EST)