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Gran Turismo® Sport

‘Gran Turismo’ Franchise Sales Surpasses 80 Million

The "Gran Turismo" series reached a major milestone last year, when it celebrated its 20th anniversary. Since its introduction in 1997, the title has sold more than 80 million copies worldwide as of April 2018.

The Gran Turismo series has redefined "the driving game"genre, offering a truly realistic experience with amazingly detailed cars and scenery that are the result of groundbreaking graphic- and physics-simulation engines. Gran Turismo has remained true to its original pursuits established in the first edition, evolving over the years, in step with the latest technology,

The latest version of the series "Gran Turismo Sport," provides online modes that allow you to race against competitors from around the world, as well as providing a level of race immersion previously thought impossible, thanks to PlayStation VR. The game has gained praise from users all around the world.

Please look forward to much more from Gran Turismo, as we now embark on a new journey towards new horizons.

Comment from Gran Turismo series Producer Kazunori Yamauchi

It’s hard to imagine the fact that 80 million players have played Gran Turismo during its 20 year history, and the immense amount of time that has been poured into playing the game. I would like to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for the many users as well as our friends and supporters in the automotive industry. We would like to continue our efforts in achieving the best possible expression of the beauty of cars, scenery, the fun of driving and the excitement of racing in the years to come.