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Gran Turismo LIVE

'Gran Turismo Live – Top 24 Superstars' Round 10 of the Final Season Now Available!

Nations Cup (English)

Manufacturer Series (English)

On September 1, the "Top 24 superstars" gathered for Round 8 of the final season of the FIA-certified Gran Turismo Championship 2018 Series, and the action was intense. You can watch some of the exciting footage of the races in both the Nations Cup and Manufacturer Series on the official "Gran Turismo TV" YouTube channel.

Take it from us, you will definitely want to watch the very best players go wheel to wheel in this exciting program. The races for individual regions are at the links below.

North/Central/South America Region

 ・Nations Cup (Spanish)

 ・Manufacturer Series (Spanish)

Europe/Middle East/Africa Region

 ・Nations Cup (English)

 ・Manufacturer Series (English)

 ・Manufacturer Series (Spanish)

Asia/Oceania Region

 ・Nations Cup (Japanese)

 ・Manufacturer Series (Japanese)