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Gran Turismo® Sport

Introducing the "Fulfilling My Dream with the GR Yaris" Scapes Competition! #GR_Yaris_Dream

Toyota GAZOO Racing, an Official Partner of the FIA Gran Turismo Championships, has announced the "Fulfilling My Dream with the GR Yaris" Scapes global competition starting November 13, which is the same day the GR Yaris Time Trial begins.

This Scapes competition is a photo contest where you required to purchase the GR Yaris inside Gran Turismo Sport, and take a Scapes photo that puts this vehicle in your dream scenario. Then, submit the photo via Twitter, together with a few words about the dream you want to achieve.

Submissions will be accepted from Friday, November 13 to Sunday, December 13, 2020. Those selected for the Grand Prix Award (one winner) and the Excellent Work Award (three winners) will receive a PlayStation®5 from the Toyota Motor Corporation.

For more details about the application process, please go to the "GR Yaris Scapes Competition" special page.

Application Period

From 07:00 GMT on Friday, November 13 to 14:59 GMT on Sunday, December 13, 2020.

How to Enter

Purchase a GR Yaris in Gran Turismo Sport, and create a Scapes photo. Use your Twitter account to tweet the image accompanied by a short description of your dream scenerio. Post the tweet with the hashtag #GR_Yaris_Dream. Please read and confirm the competition's Terms & Conditions in the "GR Yaris Scapes Competition" special page when you make your submission.

Entry Requirements

- The Toyota GR Yaris obtained inside Gran Turismo Sport;
- A Twitter account.

Winner Announcement

One entry will be selected for the Grand Prix Award, and three will be selected for the Excellent Work Award. The announcement of the winners is scheduled for mid-January 2021.