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FIA Gran Turismo Championships

FIA Gran Turismo Championships是由《Gran Turismo》和國際汽車聯盟(Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile,FIA)於2018年聯合創辦的新賽車活動。

來自世界各地的參賽者,將透過《Gran Turismo Sport》的「Sport」模式測試自己的技巧,最優秀的車手將有機會參加World Tour、世界總決賽等世界級的盛會。世界總決賽的優勝選手,將於今年底出席國際汽聯頒獎典禮(FIA Prize-Giving Gala),與其他真實世界中的當季賽車冠軍一同受獎。

FIA Gran Turismo Championships由兩大錦標賽組成:Nations Cup是各個國家和地區之間的比賽,Manufacturer Series則是各家車廠角逐的舞台。

Building on the experience gained from last year's battles,
this year's competition opens with a newly titled series and events to watch for!

From the Top 16 Superstars to the 'World Series'
The 'World Series' is a brand new format that is equivalent to the former Top 16 Superstars. This series will be hosted in four Rounds with two Seasons. Here the world's best players will gather to battle for their ticket to the World Finals.
Introducing the 'World Series Showdown', where you can expect new drama in the making
The 'World Series Showdown' is the mid-Series milestone at the end of Season 1 of the Online Series. Here, competitors will battle for their place in Season 2. This is a major event where competitors can acquire up to 10 World Series points that will increase their advantage at the World Finals.
Bringing all the heated action right to your home with the official broadcasts!
The 'World Series', 'World Series Showdown', and the 'World Finals' - where the World Champion of the year is determined - will be broadcast around the globe. Enjoy watching the trials and tribulations of the top competitors in the new 2021 series!
FIA Certified Gran Turismo Championships 2021 Series Overview