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Gran Turismo™ Sport

Find Out What Media Thought of 'Gran Turismo™ Sport' From the Recent Studio Visit in Tokyo

On 25 and 26 July, media outlets from Europe, North America and Asia had the chance to spend 2 days with a nearly completed build of 'Gran Turismo™ Sport'. Below you can find what they had to say about the game.

“A bold new direction for the franchise, but one that can be significant for the future of games and autosport. A targeted race game that wants to convey the pure sensation of competition.”
InsideGamer (Netherlands)

“PDI engineers are artists: the visuals are stunning, the tracks are beautiful, the soundtrack is marvellous and the engine sound has improved a lot. The attention to detail here is unbelievable.” (Italy)

“The residual computer graphics-like atmosphere and ‘game-like’ impression that you still had up to this iteration is almost entirely gone, and seeing the replays the car seems to have real rubber tyres clinging to the asphalt, taking on the weight of the car and turning it in the direction it wants to go, looking almost identical to a real life car.”
Gigazine (Japan)

“An awesome number of options and things to do in the game. We loved the Livery Editor, photo backgrounds and menu interfaces. The cars and their lighting are fantastic.” (Italy)

“The game comes closer to reality: we have seen how 'Gran Turismo™ Sport' is born”
Komputer Świat (Poland)

“The Gran Turismo series has always had this unique feel that set it apart somehow from other driving games, but I have a feeling I know what it is now. I think it just differs fundamentally from others from its very first starting point.”
Game Watch (Japan)

“Faster, sharper, harder: the all-new Gran Turismo is about to eat your life!” (Australia)

“Polyphony Digital has chosen a complete content reboot and a matchless concept. The real driving simulator is back.”
HobbyConsolas (Spain)

“Gran Turismo is one of the most successful video game series ever and clearly the most well-known racing game series in the world.” (Finland)

Gran Turismo™ Sport Gameplay - Everything You Need To Know
PlayStation Access (UK)

Gran Turismo™ Sport Developer Interview
Gran Turismo™ Sport Developer Interview

We spoke to Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi about GT Sport 🙌

UNILAD Gamingさんの投稿 2017年8月1日
UNILAD Gaming (UK)

Gran Turismo™ Sport is due to release on 18 October 2017. Please see the link below for sales information, pre-order bonuses and product information.

Gran Turismo™ Sport: Product Information >