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Look back on the 2018 FIA GT Championship series through the GRAN TURISMO LIVE webpage

A GRAN TURISMO LIVE webpage is now available where you can watch past live event archives of the FIA GT Championships, and related videos currently available on various social channels.

The 2018 FIA Gran Turismo Championship Series brought excitement and human drama to its spectators with some top level racing by the very best drivers of the world. Now aGRAN TURISMO LIVE webpage is available where you can view past archives of the live events hosted in the 2018 season, starting from the very first Gran Turismo World Tour Nürburgring hosted in May up to the World Final hosted in Monaco in November. It will also feature a collection of the various videos currently available on various social media.


Relive the excitement, and enjoy the story leading up to the birth of the inaugural Champions of the FIA Gran Turismo Championships.

The GRAN TURISMO LIVE webpage will not only provide archives of the past live broadcasts, it will also feature future broadcasts of the 2019 series as they become available.

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