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Important Changes to 'Sport' Mode

In order to improve the racing experience in Gran Turismo Sport, we will soon introduce a series of changes to the Online Races specification in 'Sport' mode. The following is a list of changes planned.

1. Matchmaking will now be separated into 5 Regions.

To allow for a better online experience when racing for players who are geographically located in very distant places, we will be changing the matchmaking regions of the 'Sport' mode from the current 3 Regions (Europe/Middle East/Africa, North/Central/South Americas, and Asia/Oceania) to 5.

The 5 Regions will organised according to the following grouping:

Europe/Middle East/Africas
●UK ●Ireland ●Belgium ●Luxembourg ●Netherlands ●France ●Germany ●Austria ●Switzerland ●Italy ●Portugal ●Denmark ●Finland ●Norway ●Sweden ●Spain ●Russia ●UAE ●South Africa ●Poland ●Greece ●Saudi Arabia ●Czech Republic ●Turkey ●India ●Croatia ●Slovenia ●Kuwait ●Israel ●Ukraine ●Bulgaria ●Hungary ●Qatar ●Romania ●Bahrain ●Lebanon ●Oman ●Malta ●Cyprus ●Slovakia ●Iceland

(There are no changes to the matchmaking for the countries of this Region.)

North America
●United States ●Canada

Central/South America
●Mexico ●Brazil ●Chile ●Argentina ●Peru ●Colombia ●Panama ●Costa Rica ●Ecuador
●Guatemala ●El Salvador ●Paraguay ●Honduras ●Uruguay ●Bolivia ●Nicaragua

●Japan ●Hong Kong ●Taiwan ●Singapore ●Malaysia ●Korea ●Indonesia ●Thailand ●China

●Australia ●New Zealand

2. It will be possible to join the same race multiple times in each Round.

It will be possible to join the same race multiple times in each Round of the 'FIA-certified Gran Turismo Championships'.

When joining the same race more than once per Round, players will receive points only for the race where they obtained the highest results.

These changes will be tested from the 'Daily Races' beginning Wednesday 05 December, and are planned to be fully implemented from the start of the Exhibition Series Season 4 scheduled for Wednesday 19 December.

Please be aware that during this testing phase there might be unforeseen issues with the gameplay caused by the changes implemented.

Thank you for your continued support and please continue to enjoy Gran Turismo Sport!

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