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World Finals 'Victory Bonus' Notice

The 'Victory Bonus' for the ‘FIA Gran Turismo Championships 2018 World Finals’ has been distributed.

The 'Victory Bonus' is a bonus gifted to those players whose PlayStation™Network accounts belong to the countries (or locales) that won the Nations Cup in each region, and those who have an affiliation contract in-game with the car manufacturers that won the Manufacturer Series in each region. These bonuses are awarded in in-game Credits and Mileage Points.

This time, to celebrate the conclusion of the first ever 'FIA-certified Gran Turismo Championships', we will gift the 'Victory Bonus' to eligible winners who reached 1st to 3rd place at the World Finals. The bonus Credits and Mileage Points awarded will be distributed as follows(*):

1st Place
In-game Credits: 2,500,000 Cr.
Mileage Points: 10,000 pts.

2nd Place
In-game Credits: 1,500,000 Cr.
Mileage Points: 7,000 pts.

3rd Place
In-game Credits: 1,000,000 Cr.
Mileage Points: 5,000 pts.

*For the Manufacturer Series, those who had an affiliation contract during the Final Season with the winning manufacturer will be eligible for the bonus.

■ Nations Cup

Ranking / Country / Competitor Name / Online ID

1st Place / Brazil / Igor Fraga / IOF_RACING17
2nd Place / Germany / Mikail Hizal / TRL_LIGHTNING
3rd Place / Australia / Cody Nikola Latkovski / Nik_Makozi

■ Manufacturer Series

Ranking / Manufacturer
・Country / Competitor Name / Online ID

1st Place: Lexus
・United States / Tyrell Meadows / GT_Academy2013
・France / Vincent Rigaud / Oscaro_SkyPikmin
・Japan / Kanata Kawakami / Kawakana222

2nd Place: Toyota
・Argentina / Agustín Cajal / ORMA_Aspicito
・France / Rayan Derrouiche / RC_Miura
・Japan / Tomoaki Yamanaka / yamado_racing38

3rd Place: Aston Martin
・United States / Jonathan Bucha / hendrix323
・Great Britain / Thomas Compton-Mcpherson / cubertom
・Japan / Yoshiharu Imai / legacy0193

This bonus can be redeemed from Wednesday 28 November 2018 to Sunday 06 January 2019.

Please continue to enjoy Gran Turismo Sport.

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