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Time Penalty System Update Notice (English)

The Time Penalty system that comes into effect when a driver receives a Time Penalty during a race will change from Season 3 of the 'FIA Gran Turismo Championship' 2018 Exhibition Series.

In the new automated system, players will no longer clear their Time Penalties on their own initiative. Instead, there will be a section on the track in each race where the cars will automatically slow down to clear the penalty.

This change will be first implemented in the 'FIA Gran Turismo Championships' within the Sport mode, and will also be introduced in the Daily Races in the future.

New Time Penalty System Details

Under the new system, Time Penalties will now be cleared at Penalty Lines indicated by a yellow arrow on the track.

When a car has been issued a Time Penalty and reaches a Penalty Lines, it will decelerate automatically and will not be able to accelerate again until the Time Penalty has been cleared.

The locations of the Penalty Lines will differ from track to track, with up to 4 set per track. While the Time Penalty is being applied, the car will be ghosted in addition to slowing down, so that it will not be subject to collisions with other cars.

However, while you are ghosted and clearing a Time Penalty issued to your car, make sure to drive off of the standard racing line to get out of the way of other cars approaching from behind. Not doing so can result in your car losing the 'ghost' status and reappearing in front of a car approaching rapidly from behind, causing further collisions and incidents on the track at your fault.

This new Time Penalty system will be introduced from Round 3 of the 'FIA Gran Turismo Championship' 2018 Exhibition Series Season 3, on Wednesday 07 November 2018.

Thank you for your continued support and please continue to enjoy Gran Turismo Sport!

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