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Lamborghini Lambo V12 Vision Gran Turismo

Lamborghini Lambo V12 Vision Gran Turismo




Autó leírása

Automobili Lamborghini joins the world of virtual racing with a visionary project to amaze and touch the very heart of all Vision Gran Turismo racers. The stunning design and concept of the Lambo V12 Vision Gran Turismo was developed with the highest passion and design skills of the Team of Centro Stile Lamborghini in Sant’Agata Bolognese, led by Head of Design Mitja Borkert.
The creation of the design prototype began from initial sketches then led to a digital model realised in a 1:3 scale and approved by Kazunori Yamauchi and Mitja Borkert. The full-size model was subsequently developed by a highly experienced and motivated team from 2018 to 2019.
The Lamborghini Lambo V12 Vision Gran Turismo is a fascinating sculpture that imparts all the iconic Lamborghini Design DNA. It looks futuristic and beautiful, but also boasts a high degree of engineering integrity and state of the art aerodynamics.
From the very first ideation by the design team, the core of this being a dedicated virtual race car led to the subsequent single-seater design. Focused and reduced, the cabin is purely designed for the player of the game. Following our special design philosophy 'to feel like a pilot', the seat is located in the centre as found in formula or endurance racers. The digital cockpit features augmented reality and is fully voice controlled.
The powertrain is derived from the Lamborghini SIAN FKP37 with its V12 mid-engine super capacitor hybrid system. The virtual racer offers up to 818.5 BHP, creating a thrilling sound and a unique virtual driving experience. The engine is always in view, aspiring and visible.
The design is dedicated to the design language of Automobili Lamborghini with its typical one/line silhouette. The architecture is clearly following the Lamborghini DNA that began with the iconic Lamborghini Countach in 1971. There is a strong influence of the visionary design language experimented and explored by Marcello Gandini. The side profile is inspired by the groundbreaking concept car Bertone Stratos Zero from 1970. The iconic upsilon and hexagon graphical elements are visible in every detail, with the 'Y' shaped front lights providing a strong link to the future light design of Lamborghini.