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Gran Turismo™ Sport

South America’s Premier Circuit “Interlagos” Aappears in “Gran Turismo Sport”

South America’s premier race track, the ‘Interlagos Circuit’ will be appearing in Gran Turismo Sport, due to release on October 18.

The Interlagos Circuit is a track located in the biggest city of the southern hemisphere, Sao Paolo of Brazil. It is a track loved by the legendary driver, Ayrton Senna, and has a rare counterclockwise layout seldom found in F1 circuits. It is known for its mix of long corners with harsh G’s, and a tight infield section.
The curbstones painted in the green, yellow and white colors of Brazil is the signature identity of Interlagos. Because the track requires both stability in high speed corners as well as turning capability in the tight corners, it is a difficult track to manage for the drivers. That also means that this is a track where your skill improvements will clearly show in your lap times.
The changing expressions of light and sky according to the hours of the day is stunning on this track. This great circuit has been the stage for many famous battles between iconic drivers. Experience it yourself in Gran Turismo Sport.