About the Tools

The following feature is available from the Tools section:

  • Photo Travel
  • Data Logger
  • GPS Visualiser

Photo Travel

Photo Travel is a mode in which you take photos of your favourite cars set against some of the most stunning scenery in the game. It is also possible to take a photo of your avatar standing next to a car, or to photograph two cars. Photos you have taken can be viewed in the Library section of the Gallery. Your photos can be exported to your PlayStation®3 system, copied onto a USB memory device, etc.

For details on how to take photos in Photo Travel, refer to the "Taking Photos" section. For details on how to export saved photos to a USB memory device, refer to the "Gallery" page in the "My Home" section.

Data Logger

The Data Logger is a useful tool that allows you to analyse your driving performance by creating graphs based on data taken from saved best lap replays, such as speed, RPM, and gears used. You can also load two replays at the same time in order to compare the data from them.

Please refer to the "Data Logger" page in the "Races" section of the manual for more details.

GPS Visualiser

The GPS Visualiser is a feature that generates replays using GPS data that is taken from supported cars as they drive around certain tracks in real life. In order to use this feature, insert a USB device containing GPS data into your PlayStation®3 system's USB slot.

Please refer to the "GPS Visualiser" section of this manual for more details on how to use the GPS Visualiser. Please also refer to the relevant feature in your car's instruction manual for more details on acquiring GPS data from supported circuits.