Using Steering Wheel Controllers

Supported Controllers and Features

Supported Controllers

Using a steering wheel controller with Gran Turismo 6 allows you to enjoy a more realistic driving experience.

Gran Turismo 6 supports the following steering wheel controllers:

- Guillemot:
- Logitech:
  • Driving Force™ GT
  • G27 Racing Wheel
  • G25 Racing Wheel
  • Driving Force®Pro
  • Driving Force®
  • Driving Force™ EX

Settings for each controller can be changed by going to Options -> Steering Controller.

The RA (Real-time Adjustment) Function

The steering controller allows you to change various driving options and settings while you race. This is known as the "RA (real-time adjustment) function". To use the RA function, go to Options -> Steering Controller, select your steering controller, then assign the RA function to your preferred button.

Gear Stick and Clutch Controls

If you are using a steering wheel controller that has a gear stick (such as the TH8 RS shifter for the T500 RS controller) and a clutch pedal, please be sure to select Manual (MT) transmission from Driving Options. When you start racing, paddle shift will be selected, but you can change the mode by performing the following actions:

  • Using the gear stick -> The gear stick will automatically become operational.
  • Stepping on the clutch pedal -> The gear stick and clutch will automatically become operational.

Using paddle shift controls in either of these modes will automatically switch back to paddle shift mode.

There are certain cars, such as those with torque converters, CVT, dual clutches etc. for which a clutch pedal cannot be used even if manual transmission is available.