Game Data

Saving and Installing

The Auto-save Feature

Gran Turismo 6 supports the auto-save feature. When data is being auto-saved, "Saving data..." will be displayed in the bottom-right of the screen, and the HDD access indicator will flash. Please do not turn off the PlayStation®3 system while this is taking place.

To save data manually, press the START button on the "My Home" screen, then select Save from the menu that appears.

Installing game Data

In order to reduce saving and loading times, Gran Turismo 6 includes a feature that gradually installs game data onto your Hard Disk Drive (HDD) as you progress through the game. To use this feature, you will need at least 10 GB of free space on your HDD.

Only one instance of game data can be installed on one PlayStation®3 system.

Game Data and Save Data

In Gran Turismo 6, replay data, ghost data, photo data etc. are stored in your game data, not in your save data. If you do not have enough space on your Hard Disk Drive (HDD), you may not be able to record, save, or access this data.

If you delete your Gran Turismo 6 game data using the PlayStation®3 system's XMB™'s Game Data Utility option, your replay data, course data, photo data etc. will be erased, so please be careful.

You can copy your Gran Turismo 6 save data to external media, such as USB drives.

However, to load data that was saved while signed into PlayStation®Network on a different PlayStation®3 system, you will need to be signed into the same Sony Entertainment Network account used when the data was originally saved.