Export Data for MoTeC i2 Pro

The replay data in "Gran Turismo 6" is compatible with MoTeC’s "i2 Pro" data analysis software. By exporting replays to a USB device as MoTeC i2 Pro logged data, you will be able to graph this data on a PC and analyse the performance of your driving and your car.

To export replays as MoTeC i2 Pro logged data files, please save your replay data then follow the instructions below:

  • Plug a USB device into the USB port of the PlayStation®3 system, ensuring there is adequate free space available on the device.
  • Select "Gallery" from "My Home".
  • Under "Replay", which is displayed on the left side of the screen, select "Library".
  • From the list of replays displayed on the right side of the screen, select the replay you would like to export as a logged data file.
  • When the Replay Details Screen is displayed, select "Export Data for MoTeC i2 Pro".
  • The export is complete when the data file has been created.


    You can download the i2 Pro software directly from the Gran Turismo page on MoTeC’s website:

    For more details on MoTeC i2 Pro, please refer to the official homepage of MoTeC (English only):

    For enquiries regarding the operating requirements and usage of the i2 Pro software please refer to MoTeC’s forum:
    In the "Software" category there are threads for both "Gran Turismo 6" and "i2 Data Analysis Software". (English only.)

    Please note that the URL and page arrangements of MoTeC’s website is subject to change without notice.

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