Keyboard Switching Feature

When viewing a replay or watching a race in Open Lobby mode, selecting 'Keyboard Switching Feature' from the toolbar allows you to change the camera and the information that is displayed using the keyboard. Please connect a USB keyboard or similar device to your PlayStation®3 system in order to use this feature.
The following actions can be performed using the keyboard:
Change the information that is displayed on-screen (function keys):
F1: Display no information.
F2: Display all information.
F3: Display the time and the lap number only.
F4: Display instruments only.
Switch the car that is focused on (number keys plus Q, W, E, R, T and Y):
Pressing the number keys 1, 2, 3 etc. will focus the camera on the car in that position (first, second third, etc.) To focus on cars outside the top ten positions, the following keys are used:
Q: Focus on the 11th placed car.
W: Focus on the 12th placed car.
E: Focus on the 13th placed car.
R: Focus on the 14th placed car.
T: Focus on the 15th placed car.
Y: Focus on the 16th placed car.
※If there is no car in a certain position, pressing the relevant key will have no effect.
Changing view (H, J, K and L):
H: Replay camera.
J: Normal view.
K: Bonnet view.
L: Chase view.
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