Taking Photos

Race Photos

The Race Photo feature allows you to take photos of racing action.

To take a Race Photo, select "Replay" from the post-race Quick Menu, or play a replay by selecting it from the Replays section of the Gallery, accessible from the "My Home" screen.

Pressing any button on the controller while a replay is playing will display the toolbar. When you spot a good photo opportunity, select "Race Photo" from the toolbar. This will pause the replay, and you will be taken to the Camera Location Selection screen. (You can also do this by pausing the replay using the "Pause" option or by pressing the START button and then selecting "Race Photo".)

At the top-centre of the Camera Location Selection screen, the numbers of cameras that are recording the race from various points are displayed. Use the left and right directional buttons to switch between these numbers and select the camera location you wish to use. Some cameras will display a message: "This camera cannot be moved." Those cameras are fixed. Non-fixed cameras can be moved around using the Left Stick. In Race Photo mode, you cannot change the positions of cars or place your avatar in shot.

Press the O button on the Camera Selection Screen and you will enter Viewfinder Mode. From this point on, photos are taken in the same way described in point 4 on the "Photo Travel" page: "Viewfinder Mode".

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