The following sound & BGM-related settings can be adjusted:

Sound Volume
Set the volume for the game's sound effects and BGM, as well as the onboard mic position.
Output Environment
Adjust settings related to dynamic range and speaker layout. To enjoy Gran Turismo 6 in a 7.1 channel surround sound environment, please set "Speaker Layout" to "7.1ch Surround Sound".
User BGM
Adjust settings related to using your PlayStation®3 system playlists as in-game background music. The user BGM setting allows you to listen to the songs that are displayed in the "Music" section of your PlayStation®3 system's XMB™ while racing, browsing in-game menus, or viewing slideshows. The supported codes are ATRAC/AAC/MP3/WAV/WMA, and the supported sample rates are 48kHz/44.1kHz/22.05kHz. If you wish to listen to user BGM during an online race, please disable the voice chat feature.
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