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How to Create a Room 1

*The online services for “Gran Turismo 6” have been terminated. This function can no longer be used in-game.

In Open Lobby Mode, select "Create New" from the Room Selection screen to proceed to the Room Creation screen. The Room Creation screen is divided into the following blocks: Basic Settings, Room Settings, Track Settings, Qualifier Settings, Race/Time Trial/Drift Trial/Free Run/Endurance Race Settings, Car Selection Method, Performance Filters and Limit Driving Options. Each block allows you to adjust various settings. (Please note that "Qualifier Settings" will only be displayed if you have set the "Room Mode" to "Practice/Qualifier/Race" or "Practice/Qualifier/"Endurance Race" in the "Basic Settings" block.)

The settings that can be adjusted in each block are as follows:

1. Basic Settings

・Room Mode
Choose the type of race that will take place in the room:
  • Practice/Race: A practice run will take place before the race.
  • Practice/Qualifier/Race: A practice run and qualifying will take place before the race.
  • Time Trial: Compete for the fastest lap time.
  • Drift Trial: Compete to see who can score the most drift points.
  • Free Run: No race will take place, only a free practice run.
  • Practice/Endurance Race: A practice run will take place before a race to see who can complete the most laps within a given time limit.
  • Practice/Qualifier/Endurance Race: A practice run and qualifying will take place before a race to see who can complete the most laps within a given time limit.
  • ・Room Privacy
    Define the privacy level of the room. When set to "Public", anyone can join. When set to "Friends Only", room entry will be restricted to friends of the room's creator. If the room owner changes, the privacy setting will be passed on as-is to the new owner.
    ・Load Settings
    Load saved event settings. Current settings will be reset.
    ・Save Settings
    Save the current event settings to System Storage, allowing them to be loaded at a later date using "Load Settings".
    ・Create Room
    A room will be created using the current settings. Certain settings can be changed after the room has been created.

    2. Room Settings

    ・Room Comment
    Enter a comment that will act as the name of the room. This will help players decide which room to enter, so keep it clear and simple.
    ・Race Type
    Set Race Type. This setting does not change how the game works - it is merely intended to help players decide which room to use. As such, it is recommended that it accurately describes the room, and the type of races you wish to hold.
    ・Fixed Room Ownership
    Choose whether or not ownership of the room can be transferred to another player if the current owner suffers connection problems or leaves the race. If room ownership is fixed, it cannot be transferred, and the race will be suspended when problems with the room owner occur. However, the star type network model on which this type of connection is based may enable players whose NAT type has been determined as "3" or those with low-bandwidth connections to enjoy online races. Please refer to the "Fixed Room Ownership" and "To Enjoy Smooth Online Racing" pages for more details.
    ・Max. Number of Participants
    This setting governs the maximum number of people who can enter a room at any one time. The maximum possible number is 16. The number of participants will affect race quality, so players with slower connections should choose a smaller number of participants.
    ・Race Quality
    This setting governs the frequency with which driving information is sent and received over the network when racing online. The game automatically detects players' connection speeds, and automatically selects a race quality setting accordingly. It is normally safest to use the recommended setting, but if your connection is dropping during online races, you may want to try reducing the race quality.
    ・Voice Chat Quality
    Set the audio quality for the voice chat function. The higher the quality, the clearer the voices will be, but the heavier the load on your connection, which may cause errors to occur. Disabling the voice chat function altogether may help improve race quality.
    ・Your Network Environment
    Automatically determine and calculate the bandwidth and NAT type for the network over which you take part in online races. Please refer to the "To Enjoy Smooth Online Racing" page for more details.

    Continued on the "How to Create a Room 2" page.

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