Online Races

The Room Screen

*The online services for “Gran Turismo 6” have been terminated. This function can no longer be used in-game.

In Open Lobby mode, select a room or create your own room to proceed to the Room screen. If the room is an Open Lobby room, the band across the top of the screen is blue. If the room is a club room, this band is red, and the club's name and profile picture are displayed at the very top of the screen. If the club room is a public room, a "+Favourites" icon is displayed at the bottom-right of the screen for players who are not members of the club.

The following information and options are displayed on the Room screen:

Race Status
Current room status. The bright blue part indicates the status of the race that is currently taking place. "P" indicates practice, "Q" indicates qualifying, and "R" indicates that the race itself is currently taking place. "T" indicates a Time Trial, "D" indicates a Drift Trial and "E" indicates an Endurance Race. The Q is not displayed in rooms whose races do not have qualifying. The number displayed under the Q, T, or D indicates the time limit in minutes. The number displayed under the R indicates the number of laps in the race itself.
Room Comment
A comment that was written when the room was created.
Current Date and Time
The actual date and time are displayed. This is different to the track time, and is useful as a guide for knowing when races start and so on.
Text Chat Window
Information on players entering and leaving the room is displayed here, as well as text they have inputted.
Track Display
The current track status is displayed using text and images.
Track Information
Current time and weather conditions on the track, surface water at the start of the race, the track icon, and track settings (weather variable/time variable/reversed track). The track layout is also displayed.
List of Players
The Online IDs of the players in the room, and the cars they are driving. A crown is displayed next to the Online ID of the current room owner.
Room ID
An ID that is assigned to each room. Access the Room ID Input screen from the Room List screen and input a Room ID to proceed directly to that room.
Start Race
Suspend practice and proceed to the race or to qualifying.
Start Track-Change Vote
Hold a vote in which the players in the room vote for a new track.
Go to Track
Take your car out onto the track. This option is not available at certain times, such as during races.
Watch Race
In this mode, you can watch other players race without entering the race yourself. Once you have selected "Watch Race", the track will be displayed in full-screen mode. While in full-screen mode, press the left or right directional buttons, or O button to display a menu from which the following options can be selected:
・Change View
・Change Target Car
・Information Display
・Switch Between Live Timing/Full View
・Quick Options (See the "Replays" page in the "Replay" section for more details).
Enter the next race. You will automatically join the race when it starts, even if you haven't selected "Go to Track".
Open the text chat input screen. A USB keyboard can be used to input text. A maximum of 128 characters can be inputted at a time. To enjoy voice chat, a separate peripheral such as a headset is required. There are rooms where voice chat is disabled.
Member List
Display a list of the players in the room. Press the square button while the list is displayed to change the information that is displayed. Individual player information can be viewed by placing the cursor over that player's name and pressing the O button. When viewing a player's information, you can select "Turn Off Voice Chat" to mute that player's voice.
Save Replay
Save a replay of the previous race.
Race Results
Display the results of the previous race.
Event Settings
Adjust various event settings.
Open the Garage screen and display the cars that are eligible for the current event. (No cars will be displayed if you have no cars that are eligible for the current event).
Driving Options
Display various driving options.
Car Settings
Display the Car Settings screen.
Leave Room
Leave the room.
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