Seasonal Events

*The online services for “Gran Turismo 6” have been terminated. This function can no longer be used in-game.

Once you acquire your National B Licence in career mode, Seasonal Events become available.

Seasonal Events are official Gran Turismo online events. They allow you to compete against large numbers of other players, using the same rules.

Select "Seasonal Events" from the "My Home" screen, and the Event List screen will be displayed. Be sure to check an event's rules and duration before selecting it.

Select an event, and the Event Details screen will be displayed. This screen contains all sorts of information, such as the track used for the event, online rankings, event duration, the types of car that can enter, the rules, prizes, and more.

Your current car is shown at the top-right of the screen. If your current car complies with the rules of the event, "Entry Accepted" will be displayed. If it does not comply with the rules, "Requirements Not Met" will be displayed, and the individual elements that do not comply with the event rules will be shown in flashing red text. Some Seasonal Events allow you to loan a car for the duration of the event.

To change your current car, select "Change Car" from the left side of the screen. Every car in your garage that complies with the rules of the event will be displayed. (No cars will be displayed if you do not have any cars that comply with the rules of the event.) To change parts or to make other adjustments, press the START button, then select "Car Settings" from the menu that appears.

Some online events have a PP (Performance Points - an indicator of a car's performance level) regulation. In some such cases, you can earn more credits by driving a car with fewer PP than stipulated by the regulation.

As well as ordinary online events, there are also closed online events, in which only a limited number of players can take part.

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