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From changing the car you're driving to adjusting various settings, the Garage is where you manage the cars you own. The car you're currently driving and the racing gear you're currently wearing are displayed in the top-right of the Garage top screen. The status and specs of your current car are displayed at the bottom of the screen.

The following options can be selected from the Garage Menu, displayed on the left side of the screen:

Car List
Manage cars kept in the Garage and the Stockyard (for details, see "Managing Your Cars" -> "Car List").
Car Settings
Adjust settings for your current car (for details, see "Managing Your Cars" -> "Car Settings").
Free Run
Take your current car out onto a track and enjoy driving with no other cars around. There are no penalties in Free Run mode.
Gallery View
Display the exterior of your current car in full-screen mode.
Car Information
View car descriptions.
Racing Gear
Manage the racing gear (helmets and outfits) that you own.
Driver Number
Manage the words and number that are attached to the body of your car, as well as the typeface in which these are displayed. (This option is not available if you are driving a car that does not allow a driver number to be attached to it.)
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