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About the "My Home" Screen

Every action that can be performed in Gran Turismo 6 can be accessed from the "My Home" screen.

The "My Home" screen is divided into eight large blocks, arranged horizontally. You can switch between blocks using the left and right directional buttons, or by using the L1 button and the R1 button. The "My Home" screen contains the following blocks and options:

Manage the cars that you own.
Manage replays, photos, music, and movies.
View game progress.
Display news and update information about Gran Turismo 6.
Send messages to your friends or read old messages you received from them.
GT Store
Purchase and install content that can be used in-game, such as new cars. To use the GT Store you must be signed in to PlayStation®Network.
Enjoy online races.
Arcade Mode
Enjoy quick and easy races, or take on friends in the same room.
Career Mode
A mode in which you race cars, acquire licences, and aim to move up to higher classes.
Purchase new cars. You can find cars to buy via Dealerships, Recommended Cars, Vision GT or the Car Search feature.
Tuning & Servicing
Tune and customise your cars, and perform maintenance.
Special Events
Enjoy creative racing experiences that are rather different from your average race.
Tools including "Photo Travel" mode, a way of making your driving life even more enjoyable.

Start Menu


Press the START button while on the "My Home" screen to open the Start Menu.

The Start Menu contains the following options (options that are not available on a particular screen are greyed out):

  • Car Selection: Jump to the Garage.
  • Car Settings: Jump to the Settings Screen.
  • Options: Change various options.
  • User Manual: Display the instruction manual.
  • Save: Save your game.

The Start Menu can be displayed whenever the START button is displayed in the top-right of the screen, in a Dealership or the Tuning Shop, for example. This allows you to quickly change cars or adjust settings.

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