Managing Your Cars

Performance Points

Every car is a different weight, and boasts different levels of engine power. As a result, every car in Gran Turismo 6 has been given a PP (Performance Points) figure, which indicates its performance level. Cars which have similar PP figures are sure to enjoy a closely fought race - even if their body sizes and displacement levels are totally different.

PP is determined by an overall analysis of the factors that affect a car's racing performance, such as engine power and weight. A car's PP figure will also change according to changes made in Car Settings which affect its max. power, max. torque or weight.

Some races restrict which cars may enter according to PP. You can also choose to have a PP restriction when hosting an online race, to ensure fair competition against your rival drivers.

Each car's PP figure can be viewed in the Dealerships. Your cars' current PP figures are also displayed in the Garage and on the Car Settings screen, and the results of any changes you make in Car Settings are reflected.

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