The Race Screen

The information displayed on screen during races is listed below. The exact information displayed will vary depending on the race type and the view you have selected.

Current Position
Track Surface Water
Track Map
Current Lap/Total Laps
Rear-View Mirror
Current Lap Time
Sector Time
First Place (Trailing) Car and Gap
Total Time
Best Lap in This Race
Previous Lap Times
Driver List
Wrong Way Mark
Tyre Temperature (Indicated by Colour)/Grip Level(1)
Fuel Gauge/Speedometer/Rev Counter(2)

(1)Tyre wear will affect tyre temperature and grip level in the following cases:

  • In Endurance Races when Tyre Wear/Fuel Depletion has been turned on.
  • In Open Lobby mode, when "Practice/Race", "Practice/Qualifier/Race", "Time Trial" or "Free Run" has been selected and Tyre Wear/Fuel Depletion has been turned on.

(2)If you are driving a hybrid car that is fitted with a regenerative braking system, the battery charge/discharge status will be displayed inside the fuel gauge.

Changing View

Press the SELECT button to change view while racing or viewing a replay. While viewing a replay, you can also change view by selecting "Change View" and choosing your desired view.

Pressing the SELECT button will cycle through the following views: Normal -> Driver's-Eye -> Bonnet -> Exterior.

The Pause Menu


Pressing the START button during a race pauses the race and brings up the Pause Menu (in an Online Race, the race will not be paused and your car will be controlled automatically). The following options are available from the Pause Menu:

  • Start Event: Start the race (online races only).
  • Continue: Return to the race.
  • Chat: Open the text chat input screen (online races only).
  • Restart: Start the race again from the beginning.
  • Quick Options: Adjust various settings such as Race HUD and BGM settings, and customise your meters.
  • Exit: Quit the race.

The Pit Menu


In certain races, pit stops can be taken. Take a pit stop and the Pit Menu will be displayed. The Pit Menu contains the following options:

  • Front Tyres: Choose the tyres that are fitted onto the front wheels during the pit stop.
  • Rear Tyres: Choose the tyres that are fitted onto the rear wheels during the pit stop.
  • Refuelling: Choose how many litres of fuel are refuelled during the pit stop.
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