The Quick Menu

Once you've selected or adjusted the necessary settings in Arcade and Career modes, it's time to proceed to the race.

Before each race, a screen displaying the track condition and starting grid will be shown (rankings will be displayed for Drift Trial and Time Trial races). At the bottom of this screen, the Quick Menu is displayed. The following options are available from the Quick Menu (the options displayed will vary depending on the race type and race situation):

Start the race.
Start the race with an AI driver controlling your car. This option is displayed for Event races in Career mode.
Start the race again from the beginning. This option is displayed only for Single Player races in Arcade mode.
View a replay of the previous race. For more details on replays, please refer to the "Replays" page in the "Replay" section.
Save Replay
Save the replay of the previous race. Saved replays are managed in the Gallery, available from the "My Home" screen.
Suspend Championship
Suspend a race in the middle of a Career mode Championship and quit the game.
Load Ghost Replay
Load a saved replay and use it as a Ghost.
Save Best Lap Replay
Save a replay of the best lap from your previous race.
Data Logger (Free Run/Time Trials)
Launch the Data Logger. Only some Data Logger features are available if it is launched from the Quick Menu. Please see the Data Logger page for more details.
Driving Options
Display driving options.
Car Settings
Adjust settings for your tuning parts.
Track Settings (Free Run/Arcade Mode/Track Path Importer Test Drives)
Adjust various track settings such as time of day, weather, etc.
Remove Ghost Replay (Free Run/Time Trials)
Remove a previously loaded Ghost Replay and best lap time.
Clear Rankings (Time/Drift Trials)
Reset the rankings for a Time Trial or Drift Trial race.
Quit the race.

Once you quit a race, the results will be displayed. Press the O button or the X button to exit the results screen. Next, a replay will be shown. While the replay is playing, press the SELECT button to change view. Press the START button to exit the replay. Once you have exited the replay, you will return to the pre-race screen. (Replays will be shortened for some races.)

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