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How Do I Acquire Pre-Order Bonus Content?

If you have a product code as a result of pre-ordering the Gran Turismo 6 - 15th Anniversary Edition or Standard Edition, you can acquire content using one of the methods listed below. The content acquired is the same regardless of the method you choose.

To acquire via the in-game GT Store:

After launching the game, select "GT Store" from the menu on the left side of the "My Home" screen. Next, select "Input Code", and input your product code. New cars will be added to your garage once the content has downloaded.

If your pre-order bonus was in the form of credits, they will be added to your in-game credits using the same method noted above.

To acquire via the PlayStation®Store:

After exiting the game, or before launching it, access the PlayStation®Store from the PlayStation®3 system's XMB™, then select "Input Code" from the left side of the screen in order to input your product code. When the download is complete, exit the PlayStation®Store and launch Gran Turismo 6. New cars will be added to your garage.

If your pre-order bonus was in the form of credits, exit the PlayStation®Store after inputting your product code, launch the game then select "GT Store" -> "Purchased Content". Your credits will be displayed as purchased content. Select "Install" to acquire the credits.

※Cars, racing suits/helmets and paint chips can be used by every account on your PlayStation®3 system.

※Credits can only be used by the SEN ID used to input the product code. Please be aware that credits cannot be used by other SEN IDs.

※You will need a PlayStation®3 system that's connected to the internet as well as the latest version of Gran Turismo 6.

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